30 Day Gut Reset

Are you ready to reset your gut and health?

What is stopping you from living the best life yet?

You indulged a bit over the Christmas/New Year break and now feel a bit blah …

You feel unhealthy and drained from inside out so you don’t exercise as much as before….. because, hey, no energy!


Ditching the caffeine, grain and sugar addiction, and instead flood your body with nutrient dense anti-inflammatory foods and allow your body to do its thing.


Beat the bloat and puffiness, and feel more energised.

Well I am here to tell you that…

You DO have a choice!

And it’s time for you to optimise your health, from the inside out!



…being run exclusively for Primal Movement members for $49

Starting on Monday 14th March

(Kick off prep call on Zoom on Thursday prior so you can prep ready to get started on Monday 14th)

This program is perfect for you if you want to:

  • Eliminate foods that wreak havoc on your body, leaving you bloated and blah
  • Learn the concept of resting
  • Improve the health of your digestive system
  • Ditch the sugar cravings for good and instead, learn about healthy treats to eat
  • Discover the tools you need to de-stress in the real world

… and more!

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My name’s Simone, and I’m a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner. I’ll be guiding you through THE 30-DAY GUT RESET PROGRAM.

Functional diagnostic nutrition is about how the various systems of the body function, independently and in unison with each other. It’s what holistic ‘whole body’ health is all about and aims to optimise function, through diet and lifestyle changes. It also involves running, and more importantly, interpreting, functional lab tests to identify any dysfunction or stressors on these body systems which might be causing symptoms or sub-optimal health (or even autoimmune conditions) and support your body to get these back into balance. Think gut pathogens, poor ‘good’ gut flora, digestive dysfunction (bloating/pain/burping), ‘leaky gut’, nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivities, inflammation, hormonal imbalances, all which can wreak havoc on your health.

Believe me, I get it …as that used to be me when I was struggling with my own health, and is why I’m so passionate to help others to know that you don’t have to put up with any of these symptoms or spend years of trial and error trying to work it all out – ‘test don’t guess’ is the quickest and most cost effective way to get your health back on track.

Did you know: Your body is carrying roughly 2-5 kilos of toxicity (inflammation) at any given time? This means there’s a reason for your lack of energy, bloated belly, or that extra weight that’s staying on.

The toughest part? For most of my clients there is a common factor when it comes to their struggle for health: not enough guidance and really over-complicated methods to get back to health.

But don’t get discouraged! There’s a simple and easy to follow solution to get back to healthy!  

I created this Gut Reset Program for 5 BIG reasons:

1. I want to empower YOU (yeah, you!) with the right foundational tools for a healthy lifestyle, so you can improve your life, your body and your mind!

2. Optimal health starts in the GUT!  …this includes gut, mental clarity, hormones, sleep, energy

3. Gut symptoms are not normal and don’t need to be tolerated – start with these foundations and if you still have ANY kind of symptoms like bloating, bowel issues, food sensitivities, then you know to dig deeper and work 1:1 with a practitioner (like me!) and run some functional labs as there will be some kind of dysfunction/imbalance going on that needs to be addressed separately.

4. You can use this program over and over, especially until you acclimate to this lifestyle or you need a reset at any time in future.

5. You deserve to feel amazing and full of energy!

With The 30-Day Gut Reset Program you will learn to ditch the foods that literally slow you down and take advantage of the delicious, rich in nutrients foods that will boost your gut health, your energy and give you a whole new perspective for your day. You will feel amazing, you will be productive and you will cross things off your list that you thought were far from being accomplished this season.

This program will guide you through everything you need to know to rock out your day without needing to rely on caffeine or inflammatory foods.

What’s included in this program?

  • 30 Day Recipe Guidepacked with delicious, easy-to-make recipes that will have you feeling satisfied and producing energy for hours – so you can do what you’ve put off on your list for so long!
  • The 30Day Program Guide: Packed with suggested daily wellness routines, how to practice self-care and simple steps to restart when you’ve gotten off track.
  • Weekly Email and Facebook Group Support: just like it sounds, I’ll be in your inbox weekly as well as in the private Facebook group Primal Gut Reset to provide support & accountability.
  • Daily Schedule: That will help you fully embrace and understand this program. No more incomplete guides. This is the real deal!
  • A Pantry List: to make trips to the supermarket super simple, which makes prepping, preparing and cooking a breeze
  • Food Diary: this amazing tool will help you keep track of how you’re feeling physically, mentally and emotionally throughout the program.
  • 4 Weeks of Suggested Meals that include your weekly meals at a glance so you can take the guesswork out of healthy!
  • A Kick Off virtual group call to go through how to follow the 30 day program
  • A Wrap Up virtual group call towards the end of the Program to answer any questions and celebrate your success.

In support of the wonderful tribe at Primal Movement (of which I am one too!), your investment in yourself is only $49.

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(There are also options available to upgrade and run functional lab tests plus 1:1 sessions if you wish to accelerate your results or have specific health challenges that need personalised solutions – click below to book a free 15min Intro Chat if you think this might be you and wish to discuss your personal circumstances so we can get you the right support)

What makes this program different?

This program is your full arsenal of tools to help you restart your health journey when you have gotten off track. It has a comprehensive guide, daily schedules, and even a shopping list. We sometimes get very confused in the supermarket. I want to remove any bit of hesitation out of the picture. Because I know you can get this done!

With this program, you will never feel deprived, hungry or lethargic. As a matter of fact, you’ll be quite the opposite!

Here are some of the results you can expect:

  •     Look and feel lighter
  •     Have TONS of Energy
  •     Better Sleep
  •     Less Bloating
  •     More productivity and desire for the things you love.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

This program is perfect for you if you find yourself having a second or third cup of coffee during the day because you are exhausted all of the time. It’s also for you if you are in need of guidance when it comes to actually building a sustainable system for you and your family so that you can keep healthy in busy times.

The 30-Day Gut Reset Program begins on Monday 14 march

Will you join us to reset and renew?

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What clients say about me

After being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 2012, I found the most challenging thing was to work out a diet that would alleviate the symptoms and side effects of Crohn’s disease. In early 2021 a friend put me in touch with Simone and from our first conversation I felt Simone really understood my situation and made me feel very comfortable discussing my issues and the way different foods affected me and my lifestyle.
Working with Simone was truly a delight, our face-to-face online sessions were never rushed or cut short because the session time was up and the message support in between these sessions often made it feel as though I was her only client.
Prior to Crohn’s I was very active outdoors and in the last 9 years these activities have really taken a back seat due to my anxiety and unwillingness to get out of my comfort zone. Six months on from starting with Simone I can honestly say my life has changed. The symptoms and side effects of Crohn’s disease that I had been living with for the past 9 years have drastically reduced and I now have the confidence to get out and be active again.
It’s incredible how the right diet, supplements and guidance by a professional with such a wealth of knowledge can have such a positive impact on your life and wellbeing, and not only you but those around you too. Simone has changed my life and I couldn’t be more grateful.


Dundas, NSW

I have been working with Simone for the past 6 months and it has been truly life changing! Coming to an age of 50 I felt there was definitely more going on with my body as I was always so tired! We then began the process to find out what exactly was happening. Uncovering there were a few underlying problems with my gut and an autoimmune disorder…we then began to eliminate and then rebuild my overall gut health. I found Simone to be so easy to work with…her support was above and beyond my expectations!


Clontarf, NSW
I was diagnosed with Hashimotos early 2021.  The information was overwhelming.  What were the correct blood tests to have? Which supplements should I be on? What was the AIP diet?  I did not know where to start.  My fatigue was overwhelming, I could not absorb anything.   I needed someone to guide me through this.
I found Simone on Facebook and took the leap.  Thank goodness I did. Simone took the time to explain all my why’s? My  blood test, my symptoms, the AIP diet, toxic triggers. Simone was an endless source of advice.  And most importantly I did not feel stupid asking questions.  I felt like I had a friend who totally understood what I was going through.
Even though I have an integrative Doctor and a Naturopath one would think well why another person?
I can tell you quite definitely Simone made a huge impact on my health as her explanations and guidance were so concise and meaningfully for me.  I will definitely be continuing with Simone for my personal health.
I would suggest even if you don’t have Hashimotos but perhaps another ailment I would say take the leap your health and life will be better for it.


McMahon's Point NSW

I found Sim through a work colleague and will be forever grateful to him. I was feeling extremely lethargic and knew that ‘stuff’ just wasn’t right in my gut/system. I like the way Sim explores through functional lab tests, therefore having a definitive approach to what’s going on. It’s not a guessing game. Sim helped me resolve what was going on through supplements, nutritional advice and she reminded me how important self care is (which is easily put last on the list when you’re a working Mum.

After working with Sim, I now sleep through the night, I don’t get the bloating I used to experience, I have more energy and I make better food choices (it’s become second nature and I don’t feel as if I’m missing out on anything) My initial test results were quite confronting and it put me into a bit of a spin, but Sim made me feel calm and at ease. She ‘held my hand’ through the whole process. I’ve since recommended her to my husband (who has had amazing results) and also to clients of mine. What can I say, Sim is one of a kind and I’m over the moon that I met her!


Dee Why, NSW

When I contacted Simone, I needed a guide, a hand-holder, an advocate and someone to keep me focused on the end goal through this confusing and overwhelming journey of autoimmune disease.

From our first chat on the phone, to being two months into working together, Simone has truly been my guardian angel. She has held space for me, listening and empowering me towards regaining my wellbeing and due to us being in different countries we have done our work successfully online. Her knowledge and commitment to her clients health is integral in all she does, and I cannot recommend her more highly.


Wellington, New Zealand

I sought out Simone’s help to navigate the symptoms of menopause as well as my constant exhaustion and problems with insomnia.  We ran the DUTCH hormone test and it showed hormone imbalances, blood sugar issues and some nutrient deficiencies.  

Simone developed my own personalised protocol to work on these issues and support my body.  I now know I wasn’t crazy feeling the way I did and there were reasons for my symptoms and am grateful that I can now work on bringing my body back into functioning better.  You really don’t have to accept these symptoms as something you just have to put up with, like I believed for the last couple of years!  I’m continuing to work on my health but feel I now have a plan to work towards and feel supported that Simone will help me along the way – thank you Simone.


Ryde, NSW

The results we’ve so far achieved for my son Ryan have been fantastic!  He is now 22 years old now and has had issues with constipation since he was a child. We ran some functional labs (GI Map, DUTCH hormone testing and food sensitivities) then Ryan started working with Simone on a dietary and lifestyle program together with supplements for three months to help with a leaky gut, gut bacteria issues, poor liver function, many food sensitivities and some hormone imbalances.  His bowel movements have become more regular and his dietary habits have significantly improved, bloating and inflammation have disappeared and he has lost some weight which was a bonus and he isn’t craving sweets anymore!  

We are extremely happy with the results. Thank you Simone for taking the time to listen and get to the root of the problems so we weren’t left guessing, as well for all your support and dedication in helping Ryan.


Glenhaven, NSW