Things I Like

I’d love to share with you some of the products and services I have used on my own health journey that I think would benefit everyone.

Waters & Co.

When supporting my clients with improving their health I like to look at reducing all things that are adding to our body’s toxic load. The issue with unfiltered tap water is that it contains numerous toxins including fluoride, chlorine, aluminium, and more, which can negatively impact our health, especially our thyroid and gut.

First and foremost Waters Co. priority is to produce exceptionally high quality water filter systems, which will turn contaminated tap water into great tasting, clean, fresh, alkaline, magnetised, and energised (live) mineral water. Their mission is to make these products available to you at a sensible and affordable price.

Ace Bio Water Filter Jug

The Ace Bio Water Filter Jug from Waters Co is a great, lower cost option to get you started with your water filtration.


Our skin is our largest organ – what we put on it absorbs into our body and anything harmful will increase the toxic load that our body has to deal with. This is particularly important for anyone dealing with a chronic illness or when following the process of the Autoimmune Protocol, where gluten is removed.

AMPERNA®s approach to holistic skincare also includes their stance against animal testing and their choice to leave potentially harmful ingredients out of their products such as GLUTEN, sulfates, parabens, PEG, petrochemicals and mineral oils, vinyls, phthalates, phenoxyethanol, synthetic fragrance, synthetic colours or bleaches, PPG, DEAS, TEA, aluminium or alumina. Many of these ingredients can irritate already sensitive skin and let’s face it, who wants to put a product onto their face that does more damage than good?”

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La Mav Organic Skincare

Every formula in La Mav Organic Skincare range is meticulously blended using only the highest-quality, most pure and potent ingredients. They are Certified Organic and all their products are gluten-free, so are wonderful to use as part of any healing journey and reducing your toxic load.

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A beautiful Australian brand of wholefood herbal blends formulated by nutritionists to support women’s hormones, skin, gut health and detoxification. I personally love the EverPure prebiotic/gut loving blend and WonderWild liver-loving blend of greens and supr algae.

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Wholefood Collective

A great site for clean grocery items, some AIP compliant ingredients and many ingredients for generally improving gut health.

Recommended Products

Certified organic AIP compliant Coconut aminos

Beetroot powder to add to smoothies for detox support

Organic AIP compliant pure maple syrup

Dessicated organic coconut

Certified AIP compliant organic carob powder

Coconut milk and coconut cream (no fillers, AIP compliant)

Plus heaps of other awesome products on there too to support following Autoimmune Protocol and also if on a gut healing protocol, like pesticide free almonds)