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  Hi, I’m Simone …..welcome to my Website !

Life surprised me with a Hashimoto’s thyroiditis diagnosis in 2008, after having my first Son. My long, winding and frustrating journey toward wellness inspired me to study in the field of functional health & nutrition.  My passion is to now help others through what I’ve learned over the years and to try to demystify the path ahead to make it easier for others.  

I’m a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P) and Certified Autoimmune Protocol Coach. 

What is FDN I hear you say? It is an evidenced-based, scientific, whole body systems approach in assisting clients with identifying and addressing root causes of health conditions. This involves a combination of comprehensive history taking and the latest functional lab testing to seek out the underlying causes of health challenges and identify imbalances or dysfunction versus diagnosing/treating disease or suppressing symptoms.  I use this information to create targeted client-specific health rebuilding protocols.

Just as putting a piece of tape over the ‘check engine’ light on a car dashboard without finding and fixing the engine problem, will lead to the car eventually breaking down, suppressing symptoms in the body without identifying and addressing the root causes will lead to metabolic chaos® and ultimately dis-ease. 

Symptoms can be very common…but that doesn’t mean they’re normal. Think of symptoms as a signal that something in your body isn’t right. Your body has fallen out of balance or “homeostasis”. Functional testing allows us to uncover clues into imbalances and dysfunction that may exist in the areas of hormones, immune function, digestion, detoxification, oxidative stress, intestinal barrier systems, and more.

In a nutshell, I’m passionate about supporting my clients along on their journey from chronic and mystery illness to health and wellness. I love to empower people to take control of their health and feel better and testing, not guessing, allows us to do that and certainly had the biggest impact in my own health journey.

I’ve been where you are – frustrated and confused about why I didn’t feel well but not getting the answers or help I felt I needed.  To read my full story, head to my ‘About Me’ page.  

If you feel like you’re ‘not firing on all cylinders’ at the moment and want to look into why, I can help you find answers. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been feeling unwell, it’s never too late to start.

My aim is not to diagnose and treat disease, but to help identify the root causes of the imbalances in your body and correct these. 

On my own adventure to heal I picked up many tools to help support healing as well as self-care practices—from gratitude journaling, breathing techniques, stress reduction and meditation to learning how to eat a nutrient-dense diet with the right macronutrient ratios ideal for me. I am excited to share it all with you and to help you develop your own path to wellness. You can access all sorts of tricks, tips, information and my favourite healing recipes from my blogs or you can work with me directly as your trusted functional health & nutrition coach.

Here is a little more about me so you can get to know me better ….

I love being anywhere near the water – it’s my happy place where even if I’ve had a stressful day, just watching the ocean for a few minutes, envelopes me in calm.  

I love reading – there is an ever-growing stack of books on my bedside table at all times ! (both books for some escapism as well as books to continue my learning) 

My favourite meal to eat out is Brunch – especially when I was at my worst with my health, morning was my only semi-energetic time of the day …..staying awake to try to enjoy dinner out was not my idea of fun!

My household is male dominated ! ….I’m married and have two beautiful boys …..even our dog is male ….so I’m completely outnumbered ….but I can’t imagine life any other way.

If you’re interested in finding out more about working with me, visit my Work With Me page. You can also connect with me via a FREE 15 minute no obligation chat. You can ask questions about how I work and we can find out if we are a good fit.